LG will launch the 3G LG-KU580 (aka the LG "Hero") Google phone in Europe this week.

The phone comes pre-installed with mobile services from Google, giving one-click access to Google’s search engine, as well as Gmail and Google maps.

LG spokesperson Choi Jun-Hyuk said: "We will sell our new 3G Google phones this week in five European countries - Italy, France, Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic. The phone will allow users to easily search for information, find locations and manage email".

The phones offers a 2-inch display screen, a camera, FM radio reception and Bluetooth.

There have been rumours about Google developing specific mobile phone software and even possibly a Google branded handset on the wires for a while now, for a time rival company Samsung was favourite for the partnership.

LG signed a deal with Google in April, and more Google-flavoured handsets are expected to be launched as a result.

Judging from the picture, it looks like this new moby will be coming to Vodafone...