LG went over the ocean to Russia to introduce its new Shine phone. Much like the Shine slider phone, the new design keeps the model simple.

The KE770 comes as a 9.9mm thick handset, slimmer than the regular Shine's 14mm waste. Otherwise the specs remain pretty much the same.

Expect it to pack in a 262k colour, 240 x 320 display, it comes with the 2 megapixel camera with auto-focus; it has its Bluetooth standard; and up to 50MB of user-accessible memory. Like the Shine it has a Micro SD slot for up to 2GB of add-in storage space.

LG hasn't said when the Shine Bar - as the non-slider is known - will make it to the rest of Europe and beyond.

Earlier in the week, LG said it was preparing a 3G version of the slider Shine, which was released in Europe in February. In LG's native South Korea, the phone family is already due to gain a clamshell version and a renewed incarnation of the slider, this time with a digital TV tuner.

We will keep you posted with UK availability and pricing.