LG has finally released specs and official images of its Prada phone, which features a touchscreen fascia that extends over nearly the whole of its front.

Prada were apparently involved in all the elements of its design, including the user interface, which features small icons reminiscent of ones found on a recently mentioned, much talked-about mobile.

In addition to its touchscreen, it also features a 2MP camera with a Schneider-Kreuznach lens like the ones found in Sony Ericsson's phones, as well as a video player and document viewer.

When not in use, the screen disappears and just looks black. It measures a compact 98.8 x 54 x 12mm, while Apple's iPhone is a chunkier 115 x 61 x 11.6mm.

Naturally, it also features an MP3 player, but no internal memory; it relies on an expandible memory slot.

It's an EDGE Tri-band phone, so no 3G and no Wi-Fi, but it does have Bluetooth 2.0 and USB2.0 connectivity, and will go on sale in Prada stores in the UK, France, Germany, and Italy in February, followed by Asian countries in March. It will cost around €600.