LG is not to be left out of the couture-designer tie-in, and has announced a partnership with Prada in the development of a new mobile phone model.

The companies are taking a slightly different approach to, for example, Motorola and Dolce and Gabbana, who merely released a different-coloured and rebranded model of the Motorazr.

Prada and LG have apparently “jointly explored and developed all aspects of this new phone”, and not just the exterior at that.

The collaboration has extended to software, user interface, and music, as well as the styling of the mobile and the design of the packaging.

Today's announcement is just a teaser, and all they'll reveal, spec-wise, is that the mobile has a touch interface, presumably along the same lines as the Chocolate.

The launch is planned for early 2007 in Europe, with a roll out into Asia.