LG’s latest model, the KG320, has snuck up out of nowhere and is now available through Fones4Free.com.

Fones4Free.com are offering the mobile, which features a new candybar formfactor, along with a carbon off-setting scheme through Climate Care.

The new phone, known as the Noir, features a 1.3MP camera with flash, and 128MB of storage for music and images. It’s about the same height as the Chocolate phone, but is much flatter, measuring only 9.9mm and therefore rivalling one of Samsung’s Ultra Editions. It also features the signature grey and black checkerboard keypad, and has only been seen in the wild in Korea and at various trade conferences until now. It's primarily aimed at the business sector.

Fones4Free are the only retailer offering it with an Orange contract, and also provide a Vodafone option.

The company promises to offset the 12 tonnes of carbon that you generate each year by donating to Climate Care, although this does not cost extra.