LG is busy in other parts of the world with its coveted mobile phones, having released a new Black Label phone in Korea, promising the US will have new colour versions of the Chocolate, and showing off a new smartphone, called Joy in the UK.

The latest Black Label phone is the Shine, and won't be available until some time next year in the rest of the world. Specifications, unless you read Korean, are a little fuzzy at the moment, but we can confirm it has a 2MP camera phone and a scroll wheel for navigation.

Like the Chocolate phone, it's a slider, but rather than chic black, the Shine is completely encased in a metal finish. The front looks like a mirror, and is transformed into a colour LCD when its switched on.

The VP of LG in Korea has confirmed that the Shine will not replace the Chocolate model.

The new Joy smartphone that is being previewed at the Symbian Smartphone show at the moment is an early prototype; a spokesperson has confirmed that it's still under development, so final details are not being released.