LG has finally officially taken the wraps off its clamshell version of the Chocolate mobile.

The KG810, which LG calls a “folder” rather than a clamshell, has all of the same features of the original slider, but incorporates them into a slim 92 x 47 x 14.6mm piano black body with silver trim.

These features include an MP3/AAC music player, Bluetooth connectivity, 128 in-built memory, a 1.3MP camera, and an additional FM radio that the original lacks.

The software makes it easy to add media to the phone with a drag and drop interface, while a 2.0-inch screen makes viewing photos and videos a pleasure.

The LG810 is available exclusively from Phones4U throughout September and is free on contract; it’s bundled with stereo headphones and a USB lead.

“This is the best-looking folding handset on the market. It’s thin enough to slip into a pair of jeans, yet feels solid and luxurious when in use”, says John Barton, Sales and Marketing Director of LG Mobile.