At IFA 2006, LG representatives were keen to show off its latest chocolate-esque phone, the U830.

In stylish piano black, the clamshell looks like a part of LG’s Black Label range, but isn’t. In form it resembles a smoother RAZR, with silver edging, and with an optional subdued checkerboard pattern in black and gray for the keys.

Features include a 2MP camera, music and video playback from many file types, and 200MB of in-built memory, while added connectivity comes courtesy of Bluetooth.

Other mobiles of note on show were the KG920, the recently-announced 5Mp camera phone, which is a bit of a chunky beast, and the KG328, a sleek-looking candybar measuring just 9.9mm thick that will probably not reach UK shores.

Specs on the GSM KG328 include music playback functionality and 128MB internal memory, but we could find no evidence of a camera.

LG reps were offering no firm release dates for the pink Chocolate phone, although it will arrive by the end of the year; they said that the second model Chocolate would not be released until next year.