On the day that America gets its first look at LG's Chocolate Phone, here in the UK LG Electronics has announced that a new handset within the Black Label Series will be launched early in 2007.

Although details surrounding the new handset within the Black Label Series are a closely guarded secret, LG says it is keen to build on the phenomenal success of its first handset within the Black Label Series – called the LG Chocolate – in the designer-phone category.

The new handset promises to be just as stunning as the Chocolate phone though totally different in styling and with an even better technical specification.

Meanwhile the current model is now available exclusively at the Verizon Wireless network in America even though it has been available in the UK for some time.

The phone will come with features like V CAST, V CAST Music and VZ Navigator allowing users to access the operators online music store with access to 1.3 million songs.

Specs are unchanged from the UK variant and that means users will get the touch sensitive keys, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a microSD memory expansion slot.

Last month, LG announced white and pink versions in the UK which will be available later in the year.

Along with the white and pink handsets, LG are releasing a "premium" Chocolate phone with "enhanced technical specifications", although specs aren't available yet.

The Chocolate mobile, otherwise known as the KG800, has been a huge success for LG, which shifted one million of them since early May.