LG Mobile is launching the U300, a 3G handset offered exclusively from 3.

The clamshell phone is available in the UK in black, chameleon and orange, and features a rotating 1.3MP camera that snaps images displayed on a 2-inch colour LCD.

The U300 is also a music phone that stores content on MicroSD cards, one of which, a 128MBs worth, is bundled with the phone.

Its Bluetooth compatibility means that music can be played through Bluetooth-compatible headphones as well.

Sales Director at LG Mobile, John Barton, said, "As leaders in the 3G market, LG and 3 continue to work in partnership to deliver stylish design combined with first-rate technology to benefit their consumers".

"The LG U300 allows 3G access for everyone, with its compact design and easy to use features, this handset is great to get anyone started with 3G."