BenQ Siemens and LG have both independently announced that they will be offering Adobe's Flash as standard on handsets by the end of the year.

“By integrating Flash technology into our user interfaces, we're helping ensure consumers have easy access to the incredible capabilities of our mobile handsets," said Clemens Joos, CEO at BenQ Mobile.

BenQ Mobile expects to begin integrating Flash Lite into its mobile handset offerings in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Meanwhile LG Electronics will be using Flash to generate interactive graphic user interfaces and Flash applications on a range of digital devices, including MP3 players and mobile handsets.

"Our relationship with Adobe extends our ability to deliver products that, more than ever, stand out from the crowd," said Skott Ahn, executive vice-president at LG Electronics. "In highly competitive markets such as mobile, it's important that our products get to market as quickly as possible and have interfaces and content relevant to specific audiences - be it a teenager in Seoul or a business professional in London."