LG Electronics has opted for an operating system completely programmed in Java for its latest handset, the company relived today.

The new model will features a slide design with 176x220 colour TFT display, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and an SD Card memory card for storage of up to 1GB of applications, music, video and pictures. The handset also plays MP3, AAC and AAC+ music formats as well as H.263 and MPEG4 videos.

SavaJe OS is an advanced open operating system for handsets, based on Sun Microsystems' Java technology. Uniquely, all handset applications, including the handset UI itself, are written in Java.

This LG Electronics says, allows the company to easily offer operator customisations, while using a common software platform.

"The SavaJe and LG Electronics implementation of a complete handset operating system based on Java technologies extends significant opportunities to developers", said Alan Brenner, Vice President, Client Systems Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Dr. Skott Ahn, Executive Vice President, LG Electronics, said "Creating an open OS is a significant achievement in itself. To do so using Java, offering this level of performance for the entire applications platform, including full telephony support, brings a new era of opportunity for developers, operators and end-users".