LG has launched a new mobile phone designed by women for women, however looking at the images and technical specs we can't see why we should be getting excited.

According to LG the phone has been created to fit into the life of the busy professional woman. Jin Kim, Head of Handset Design at LG, designed the C3300 with a clamshell design and to be slim and compact. The phone is very easy to use while offering users a large range of features such as a camera with zoom and photo-light, the ability to send and receive pictures and download ringtones.

Additionally, the C3300 features a dedicated t-zones button for easy accessibility to mobile entertainment, ringtones, Caller Tunes, games and much more.

LG are sending a unit for review so will keep you posted.

Images on the C3300 are bright and crisp on the phone's 65,000-colour screen, and ideal for sharing with the 400 contacts that can be stored on the phone's SIM (200) and phone (200) contact book. Furthermore, the phone has three and a half hours worth of talk-time on the battery.

The LG C3300 is available on Pre-pay priced £99 and free on contract with T-mobile. As for the dedicated female features - you're good is as good a guess as ours.