(Pocket-lint) - Over the past year, LG has broken off releasing incremental updates to its smartphones, instead mixing things up a little. That saw the launch of the LG Velvet in 2020 - sitting on the Snapdragon 765 - and more recently the LG Wing, a novel swivelling dual-screen device.

New details cast some light on LG's future plans, firstly saying that there is going to be a second-gen version of the LG Velvet in 2021, which we'd expect to be an updated device along similar lines to the first, sitting on mid-range Snapdragon 700 series hardware.

There's also a reiteration of LG's plans to launch a device with a flexible display. This was teased at the launch of the LG Wing. The Explorer Project is the name that LG gives to these new novel devices, with the second reported to be called B Project.

The target launch for this new device is said to be March 2021 and we imagine that in any normal year this device would be announced and showcased at Mobile World Congress, but with that event scheduled for late June 2021, we suspect most of the devices shown off at the event will have already have been launched.

The Elec says that while the new version of the LG Velvet will be manufactured by an OEM, the new B Project device will be built by LG itself.

That's also true of the LG's new flagship device. This is said to be codenamed Rainbow, with the expectation that it sits on the same level as LG's V series devices. The launch timeline for this new device is in Q1 2021 and we'd expect it to sit on the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 that's predicted to launch in December 2020.

Writing by Chris Hall.