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(Pocket-lint) - When LG revealed its bizarre yet brilliant Wing rotating-screen phone on 14 September, the company was clear that - as part of its Explorer Project - there would be other devices to challenge the notion of what a modern day smartphone is all about.

Tucked away at the very end of that online briefing was a teaser of that next Explorer Project device: a phone with a pull-out display. There's no codename to go with it as yet, but given the Wing's no-nonsense naming we'd expect it to follow in a similar vein (LG Flap anyone? We're kidding).

It's actually not the first time we've seen a pull-out phone prototype though. TCL has been exploring the idea and showing off dummies of phone bodies for many months - as teased back in March with its 'rollable phone concept' (click for the video).

As we had highlighted then, however, such a device inherently suffers from debris getting onto the screen surface, which can then cause scratches on the when pulling the screen in and out of the device.

How will LG get around this conundrum? Well, we don't know right now. After all, the Explorer Project mkII device was barely shown off at all. The rather all-black photo up top of this very page contests to that.

Still, it's all exciting. The Wing shows, after years of moderate phone upgrades, that 2020 could be the springboard for new thinking when it comes to established conventions. And with foldables such as the Moto Razr 5G about to hit the shelves too, perhaps we're on the cust of a new smartphone revolution...

Writing by Mike Lowe.