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(Pocket-lint) - It's no codename: the LG Wing is going to be called exactly that. And we're rather glad the rotating-screen phone won't be given a boring multi-numbered name that you'll otherwise forget.

Not that the Wing is going to be easy to forget. This phone has two screens - one squarer screen 'hidden' beneath the main panel - and functions unlike any other foldable, flippable, flexible, or whaddyacall devices.

There's been a lot of rumours about the LG Wing - a phone that, at first, we thought was nothing more than a prototype. But this is the real deal; a phone that's part of LG's Explorer Project, which LG describes as its "new mobile category aimed at discovering new ways to interact with mobile devices, focusing on the evolving and ever-changing needs of today's consumers and challenging established user norms."

The official statement continues: "LG's boldest, newest smartphone will deliver a new and different form factor and mobile experience that would be impossible to create with conventional smartphones."

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It certainly does look like a bold take on what a smartphone can be. And with its reveal event penned for 23:00 KST (Korean Standard Time) on 14 September, we do now wonder if it's going to be a device aimed at international markets (as that's within daylight hours from the USA right through to Europe and beyond). Whether it does or doesn't, however, won't take away from what we expect to be one of the most eye-catching devices of 2020.

Corrections - [11/09/2020] This article originally claimed an 11:00 KST launch event - which has been corrected to 23:00 KST

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 7 September 2020.