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(Pocket-lint) - The LG Wing will be the standout phone of 2020 - if LG's teaser video for the device is anything to go by, which you can feast your eyes on below. 

Under its "Discover the Unexplored" tag line we finally get to see the rotating-screen phone in action. Well, soft of. It's a digitisation, of course, but shows how the secondary screen beneath the main panel will rotate outward and create a cross-like dual-screen form. All praise the LG Wing. 

We've seen dual-screen phones before, but nothing like this. There's no fold, no hinge to worry about. Only the potential of dirt and such like getting caught in the device and scratching the second screen - something we're keen to see how LG will negate.

And we needn't wait long: the teaser video reveals a 14 September date, at 23:00 KST (Korean Standard Time). That's 8 hours ahead of the UK, 7 hours ahead of Western Europe, which plants the event nicely in the mid afternoon here, or the early-to-mid-morning in the USA. All of which goes to show LG's possible intent for the Wing: maybe it'll launch beyond Korea.

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We've been collating all the information about the LG Wing in our main feature, which you can read here. It's one of the more exciting things to happen in 2020, so we'll be keeping all Wing related information up to date in that article.

Corrections - [11/09/2020] This article originally claimed an 11:00 KST launch event - which has been corrected to 23:00 KST

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 2 September 2020.