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(Pocket-lint) - LG has teased its next smartphone and when it'll be revealed through a 15-second video clip on YouTube.

When it comes to Android phones, LG is a well-known brand, but it isn't a Samsung or Google, both of which make premium handsets. To better stand out and compete with those heavyweights, LG has ditched its G series of phones and is starting fresh with a new LG Velvet series. The company confirmed this name, has released renders, and is now announcing when the Velvet will debut.

LG Korea has posted an invitation and video for a "fashion show that boasts innovative designs". The video, specifically, shows a runway with colourful raindrops falling on it. Presumably, this imagery is meant to evoke the innovative raindrop design that LG is using for the rear cameras on the LG Velvet as well as the colours the phone will be available in, as revealed in an earlier teaser video.

The video ends with the unveiling date of 7 May at 10am KST (9pm ET on 6 May).

LG typically announces its latest G-series phone at Mobile World Congress. (It did for the LG G5, LG G6, and LG G8, but the LG G7 was unveiled in New York City in May.) The LG Velvet's reveal will be unique compared to past events, however, because LG said the show will be pre-corded and posted online and not streamed in real-time with a live audience.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.