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(Pocket-lint) - After previously saying that it would bring Apple TV to its smart TVs, LG has now said it is finally updating 2019 TVs with the app.

If you’re thinking you’ve heard this before, you kinda have. At CES 2020 last month LG announced it would be available by default on 2020 TVs as well as those from older generations, but there was no rollout date for the 2019 TVs.


What’s more, there’s no mention of 2018 TVs in the latest announcement even though they were previously talked by LG in its original announcement about Apple TV app support (talk about dragging it out). They’re still slated to get the Apple TV app "later this year".

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Like the 2020 TVs, the 2019 sets also support Apple’s AirPlay 2 so you can stream content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac – this could be audio or video. And they also support Apple HomeKit so you can control your compatible devices (like a thermostat) from the TV or switch your TV on and off from the Home app on other devices. You can also use Siri for any of these commands, of course, including switching inputs.

With the Apple TV app, you can also subscribe to Apple TV channels and access your iTunes video library. The iTunes Store now boasts over 100,000 movies and TV shows to buy or rent.

The compatible TVs are: 2019 OLED TVs, NanoCell TVs (series SM9X and SM8X) selected Ultra HD TVs (series UM7X and UM6X).   

Writing by Dan Grabham.