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(Pocket-lint) - If the images from Slashleaks above are genuine, it looks like we're right to suspect that LG is planning to unveil the V60 ThinQ in the imminent future, most likely at MWC in February. 

Having released the V50 ThinQ in early 2019, the leaks suggest that we're getting a follow-up fairly soon, now that 2020 in in swing. Beyond that, the leaked photos of the back side of the phone's casing also indicate at least some degree of change to the camera hardware in the V60 ThinQ.

The V50's back was completely smooth, with no bump or cutout to house a camera unit. Instead, the lenses were behind the glass back of the phone, with a fingerprint scanner embedded beneath them.

From the looks of these images, though, that fingerprint scanner has either been relocated to the front of the phone (perhaps an in-display version), or has been cut altogether, presumably in favour of facial scanning. 

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The cameras, meanwhile, will be housed by that wide cutout. There doesn't appear to be a lip of any sort, so it's possible that they'll still be flush to the phone's back, but equally could protrude through the cutout. The other detail we can glean from the images is that there will be at least three colour options — black, blue and white.

The assumption thus far has also been that the V60 ThinQ will have at least the option of a dual-screen setup, which LG has been pushing in recent months, as an alternative to the fully foldable screens being explored by the likes of Samsung and others. 

Beyond that, though, not much is known. The phone will almost certainly support 5G internet, given that the V50 ThinQ already hurdled that barrier, and is rumoured to be running on the Snapdragon 865 chipset, but nothing is confirmed as yet. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.