(Pocket-lint) - Although early reports suggested LG would unveil its first foldable phone at Mobile World Congress in February, it never materialised. We got the LG G8 ThinQ instead, which is a very fine phone but the only way it will fold is if you take a sledgehammer to it.

But even though it didn't make an appearance at the world's largest mobile communications show doesn't mean it's not still coming. Indeed, a new LG patent has been spotted online that not only reinforces that fact, it reveals more about the design and form factor.

Found by Dutch website LetsGoDigital - which also created its own renders based on the ideas in the patent - the document filed with the USPTO shows actual photos of a bendable display, along with schematics of how the "foldable plate" works.


This, combined with an earlier patent, lends further weight to the thought that the LG foldable phone will sport a clamshell design. The screen will be on the inside and able to fold in half to make an easily pocketable device.

According to LetsGoDigital, the display will have a "bending radius of 2.5R".


In many ways, it reminds us of the much-talked about Motorola Razr reboot, although we don't yet know whether LG will also include a secondary screen on the outside.

As we learn more, we'll ensure to let you know.

Writing by Rik Henderson.