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(Pocket-lint) - LG has announced two new phones for 2019, the LG G8 ThinQ - which is 4G - and the LG V50 ThinQ, which takes a step into 5G.

The V50 is based on the V40 ThinQ from 2018, so in many ways it's familiar, both in terms of specs and features, but there are some core changes to usher in 5G. We get the sense that LG wanted to be in the mix with a 5G handset to offer, rather than rushing out and designing a whole new phone to launch 5G with.

So in some ways the LG V50 is rather safe; triple camera on the rear - with wide-angle and zoom options - a dual camera on the front - again giving you a wider option and a 6.4-inch OLED display. 

LGThe V50 Thinq image 2

Then the changes come in with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform and X50 modem - that's the bit which will enable your 5G connection and while we don't know the full international launch plans, we do know that LG is targeting Korea and the US with this handset.

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But before you dismiss the LG V50 ThinQ as rather predictable, there's more.

LG is launching an accessory for the LG V50, which is basically a second companion display. It takes the form of a folio case, with the V50 clipping in, then letting you open the cover and boom - there's a 6.2-inch OLED display. 

It's perhaps a move to shut down the lack of a foldable phone - LG has categorically stated that it can't see the consumer demand for one this year - but at the same time, this is a bit of fun. It gives you more screen space when you want it, letting you fire up that second display and runs apps in it just as you would on another phone.

LGThe V50 Thinq image 3

That means you can open Google Maps on one side and Insta on the other, you can open a browser and message your friends. As both can work independently, you can basically do what you want without needing to use split screen which, let's face it, has never really been that good. You can use it for gaming, you can use it to extend your camera view. It's really clever.

LG hasn't said how much the Dual Screen will cost, but we're sort of drawn to the idea. In fact, it sort of makes the LG V50 ThinQ interesting. Because while it won't give you that expansive tablet display that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will, it's unlikely to cost you $2000 either.

As we said, there's no word on when or how much the LG V50 will be available, we do know that EE will be exclusively offering the V50 ThinQ in the UK.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 23 February 2019.