(Pocket-lint) - Rumours of a second LG phone, the LG V50 ThinQ have been doing the rounds alongside the confirmed LG G8 ThinQ. Those rumours just got a lot more serious thanks to the leak of a clear LG V50 ThinQ image. 

Coming from Evan Blass - the reliable @evleaks - the image shows LG's new handset destined for Sprint. The big detail is that 5G logo, with Sprint looking to have its 5G network up and running across nine major US cities in the first half of 2019.

The word had long been that LG wasn't going to hold back on getting a 5G phone to market and it looks like the LG V50 ThinQ will be announced at LG's press event at Mobile World Congress on 24 February 2019.

Why do we say this? The date on the display, of course.

What else can we garner from this image? Firstly, the display has a notch to the top that looks a lot like the LG V40 ThinQ. Around the back of the phone there's a fingerprint sensor and a triple camera system - again - not hugely different to the LG V40 ThinQ. 

Rumours suggest it's likely to be sitting on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform with the X50 modem, but there's very little confirmed about this handset outside of this image. 

And that's the takeaway from this new image leak: the LG V50 ThinQ looks to be putting 5G first and not shaking up the device design or features.

Unlike the previous LG V30 that was released internationally, the V40 didn't get the same wide availability and it does make us wonder whether the LG V50 ThinQ will be a global 5G handset, or if it's just going to be aimed at Sprint customers.

Writing by Chris Hall.