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(Pocket-lint) - Following the official confirmation from LG that it will be unveiling the G7 ThinQ in May, Android Headlines has obtained exclusive documents from an anonymous but reliable source, that reveal many of the AI and camera features of the upcoming device.

Firstly, the documents reveal the G7 ThinQ will also sport a notch design, much like many of its Android competitors, and also like some of them, will have a software feature that will let users effectively get rid of it, by filling in the sections either side to emulate a notification bar.

When it comes to the camera, the G7 ThinQ will feature LG's AI Cam software that made its debut on the V30S ThinQ. AI Cam will be able to analyse what the subject of the photo is (person, animal, landscape etc) and the lighting conditions the photo is being taken in, and recommend the optimal settings to the user in order to take the best possible photo.

LG will also be promoting the low-light capabilities of the G7 ThinQ come launch day, thanks to its superpixel technology. The documentation seen by Android Headlines says that an intelligent 'Bright Mode' will detect when the lighting is too dark and will adjust by combining pixels together to create 'superpixels'. The result should be four times brighter photos and videos than the LG G6 and V30.

The rear camera will also remain as a dual-lens system - LG isn't making the move to three lenses like Huawei - but both will be 16-megapixel. One will be a regular camera sensor while the other will be a wide-angle lens with a 107-degree field of view. Users will be able to switch between the two lenses to take a photo, and the AI smarts of the G7 ThinQ will be able to suggest which is the better option. The camera system will be capable of shooting HDR10 videos, that can be viewed back on the G7 ThinQ's HDR10 display.

Other camera features will include 2D and 3D stickers that can placed in photos after they've been taken and the second-generation of LG's Graphy software which lets you place photo information (ISO, shutter speed etc) over the photo. There will also be a Live Photo feature, similar to the one found on the Apple iPhone and Portrait mode for both rear and front-facing cameras.

The leaked documents also reveal that the G7 ThinQ's display will be brighter than previous LG phones (two times brighter than the G6) due its use of more white pixels. Power consumption won't be affected however, as the G7 ThinQ will use LG's M+ technology which features in the company's TVs.

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LG will also improve the audio capabilities of the G7 ThinQ with a Boombox Speaker. This will see audio signals be bounced around inside the photo first, like a resonance chamber, before fired through the speaker, which incidentally is larger than that found on the G6. The G7 ThinQ will also have far-field microphones to pick up your voice from further distances when you want to issue voice commands.

Finally, on the subject of voice commands, the G7 ThinQ will have Google Assistant built-in, and will have 32 exclusive, device-specific commands. The leaked documents don't reveal what these are, but they will likely relate to the AI technologies.

The leaked documents therefore reveal much of the main features of LG's upcoming flagship. They don't reveal many of the other specs, but we can safely assume it will use the Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB RAM. We will find out everything in under a month's time at the official reveal in Seoul on 3 May.

Writing by Max Langridge.