LG has announced that it will be bringing its own smartphone artificial intelligence to handsets in the coming year, with a new, 2018 edition of the LG V30 revealed to be the first.

It will be showing more at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February, but has detailed a couple of the enhanced features the AI tech will add.

Vision AI is a technology that uses advanced image recognition to enable you to take better photos on a phone. It analyses objects you are shooting and recommends the best shooting mode from eight presets: portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise and sunset.

Point the phone camera at something and it searches through a large database to find an ideal match. Over 100 million images were used to create the algorithms.

LGLg To Introduce New Smartphone Ai At Mwc 2018 Coming To 2018 Lg V30 First image 2

It can also use its image recognition talents to aid you while shopping. Not only does it recognise QR codes without a separate app needing to be loaded, it will also make suggestions of the lowest prices online for items you point the phone at.

Finally, Vision AI will come into force for low-light photography, automatically brightening images in dim environments by a factor of two. It looks at the image shot, rather than the scene.

Google Assistant interaction is improved through LG's new AI technologies too. Voice AI builds on GA to enable users to open apps and change settings using just their voice. There are 32 exclusive LG voice commands, with nine of those added in 2018.

LG is betting big on AI this year, with a whole range of consumer electronics and appliances being released under the ThinQ brand. ThinQ signifies that a product has enhanced artificial intelligence, designed to improve the way it communicates with other products and, ultimately, simplify your life.

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