The rumours of delays and name changes for the successor to the LG G6 have been much exaggerated, LG has revealed.

It has released a statement that categorically denies rumours of a return to the drawing board for its new flagship smartphone. It also names the phone as the LG G7 directly.

"Some stories have reported that LG’s mobile division is delaying the release of the G7 in order to reevaluate its performance and design. This is inaccurate. Preparations for the launch of the G6’s successor are on schedule," it says.

However, it is not likely to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

The LG G6 was unveiled at the company's MWC press conference last year, but LG's statement claims that it will wait until the "time is right" to unleash its replacement.

"LG intends to focus on creating products that will result in meaningful results rather than launching new products on a schedule based solely on industry expectations and traditions. The release date for G7 is currently under consideration and will be announced when the time is right," it adds.

In the meantime we might see a new version of the LG V30, the LG V30+ ⍺ with improved AI and other enhancements.

We'll be at MWC 2018 ourselves to bring you more.