After LG's vice chairman Jo Seong-jin allegedly asked for all development of the G7 to be scrapped and started again, it appeared as though LG wouldn't have anything to show at Mobile World Congress next month. That may no longer be the case, as a report from The Korea Herald says the South Korean tech giant may in fact unveil an upgraded version of the V30 flagship, called the V30+ ⍺.

The new model is said to come with "improved AI features" although the report doesn't go into detail to say exactly what these will be. There is however a nod to suggest LG has worked in collaboration with Google to develop the new features.

It's entirely possible that LG will unveil a new version of a current phone as LG previously said at CES 2018 that it would no longer follow a regular launch cycle for its phone, and will instead only release new models as and when they're needed. The company added it would instead release new variants of existing models to give successful phones some extra life.

The V30 is the latest LG flagship to be released and it's a fantastic smartphone, although we did find a couple of weaknesses when we put it under review. If these could be rectified in a new version, such as a higher quality display, coupled with more powerful AI then the V30+ could be one hell of a phone.

As ever, we have to say take this rumour with a pinch of salt for now, although given LG's previous comments there is some plausibility to it, so our eyes will certainly be peeled on MWC.