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(Pocket-lint) - The LG G7, as it will likely be known, is said to be announced in March with an April release to follow. Rumoured specs for the upcoming flagship are relatively thin on the ground, other than the fact it will probably use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Now though we could have just got our first look at what it will look like, thanks to a leak from TigerMobiles, a mobile network plan comparison site, and it reveals an incredibly good looking phone.

The most obvious thing to take away from the leaked render is that it has basically no bezels save from an incredibly thin section at the top which houses sensors and a possible dual-lens front-facing camera.

Otherwise there are no other bezels in sight, not even at the bottom. The lack of bezel implies the fingerprint scanner will be placed on the back and that it will have on screen navigation buttons.

Of course, there's a chance - in fact, a really good chance - this isn't a legitimate representation of the final design. While TigerMobiles has put a watermark on the image, the site adds "a render of the supposed G7 has been spotted online", suggesting it found the image elsewhere without linking to a source.

We would love for the LG G7 to look like this, because it is utterly gorgeous, we're not going to hold our breath until we see anymore renders or leaked information regarding the upcoming phone.

Writing by Max Langridge.