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(Pocket-lint) - Rumours surrounding LG's next flagship smartphone have gone under the radar of late, but there have been some pretty important leaks recently that reveal two important aspects of the device. The first is the name. For some time there were rumours to suggest LG may ditch the 'G' moniker from its flagship devices, and the fact the suggestion was said to come straight from an LG official made it pretty certain.

However a page that appeared on LG UK's website that has since been taken down (and found by Androidu), mentioned a "Future LG G7" that would be compatible with Quick Charge 4.0. Android Police backs these claims up after it spotted a leaked LG Wallet app on the Google Play Store, which referred to the LG G7 within the body text. The leaked app has since been pulled from the store.

While there is substantial evidence then to suggest the next flagship will be called the G7, an LG spokesperson has told Pocketnow: "the names of all future phones from LG are speculative until the official announcement. It is common for us to use unofficial placeholders in materials until the name is finalised." So isn't fully confirmed just yet, but we can be at least 80 per cent sure it will be the G7.

As for when we can expect to see the LG G7, many were expecting LG to stick to its regular MWC launch cycle, but that may not be the case in 2018. ET News (via The Investor) has quoted various South Korean mobile network operators as saying: "We have agreed with LG to launch the G7 in April", and a further industry source is claimed to have given an exact date of 20 April. We would therefore expect to see the flagship device unveiled at a dedicated event sometime in March.

Rumours regarding what the G7 will look like are thin on the ground too, but we're expecting something similar to the G6. That means an all-screen front, glass and metal build and a dual-lens rear camera. It should also come running the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, after the G6 missed out on the SD835 last year, settling for the SD821 instead.

As with any leaks and rumours, these should be taken with a pinch of salt, but we'll bring you the latest LG G7 news as and when we hear it.

Writing by Max Langridge.