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(Pocket-lint) - While rumours of an LG G7 flagship smartphone for 2018 have been flowing over the last few weeks, it could be that one part is as wide of the mark as can be: the name.

The Investor claims that LG won't stick with the G series moniker at all and will start an all-new naming convention. And the source is touted as an LG official, so there could be truth behind the suggestion.

"LG is preparing a new brand strategy for the G series in the first half of the year. Numbering the phone with a two-digit number and rebranding the phone with a new name are some of the options on the table," the official allegedly said.

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"Rebranding flagship models is nothing new, and Samsung and Apple have done so for their own flagships," adds a further LG official, as quoted by The Investor.

The actual name is unknown at present and multiple options are being considered. It is expected that LG will unveil the new phone, whatever it is called, during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

The last phone in the G series, the LG G6, was launched during last year's equivalent event and released in March 2017 soon after.

Writing by Rik Henderson.