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(Pocket-lint) - Usually reliable Twitter tipster @OnLeaks has cited his sources as saying the upcoming LG V30 will support wireless charging, have a dual rear camera and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

We expect the V30 will be officially announced and launched in either September or October, going on the previous launch cycle of the V-series of flagship devices.


If it does feature wireless charging, it should mean the V30 will ditch the metal build, or at least the rear panel from the V20, and replace it with a glass back instead. It will also mean the V30 will be the second LG phone to come with the feature, following the recent announcement of the G6+.

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OnLeaks says the V30 will have a dual rear camera, but doesn't say what the two image sensors will be, but it could feature a similar 13-megapixel dual camera system as seen on the LG G6, which has a wide-angle lens and a regular lens.

The glass rear panel is also expected to host a fingerprint sensor, which all but confirms the V30 will have a full screen front, which we expect to be 5.7-inches, and with no physical buttons.

Of course, this is just a rumour for now, with no official word from LG itself, so as ever, take it with a pinch of salt. However, the suggestions match up with rumours we've already heard, and they would represent a natural progression from the LG V20.

Writing by Max Langridge.