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(Pocket-lint) - Four months after the G6 was first unveiled, LG has now introduced a G6+ model, with more onboard storage, B&O Play headphones and new colour options. Unlike some other phone manufacturers that increase the screen size when they introduce a Plus model, the screen on the G6+ remains at 5.7-inches.

The G6+ comes with 128GB of internal storage, double the highest amount available in the regular G6, and a pair of B&O Play headphones to take full advantage of the 32-bit Quad Hi-Fi DAC fitted to the phone. LG hasn't said exactly which pair of B&O Play headphones you'll get.

LG has also added wireless charging to the Plus model, something that we would have liked to have seen on the regular G6.
The G6+ will also arrive with new colour options: Optical Astro Black, Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold. The Optical finish gives the back of the G6+ a reflective look, but the colour doesn't wrap around to the front, instead the front bezels will be all black.

The G6 hasn't gone completely unloved though, as LG has announced some software enhancements for the current model, which include Face Print.

Face Print is a new facial recognition technology to unlock the G6, but works without you having to press any buttons. Simply raise the phone to your face, where the camera will automatically detect you want to unlock the phone and do so in seconds and Covered Lens will alert you if your finger or fingers happen to obstruct the camera lens before you take a photo.

The LG G6 will also be available in Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold colour finishes. LG has yet to confirm when the software updates and the G6+ will be available in global markets.

Writing by Max Langridge.