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(Pocket-lint) - News coming out of Korea suggests that LG is preparing to turn up the heat on its rival by launching its next generation devices earlier in the year than the phones they replace.

Reporting the information, Aju News suggests that the LG V30 - expected to be a content creators' flagship with a focus on video and audio capture - will be on sale in August 2017, rather than September, the launch month of the LG V20. 

The LG V models have been creeping forward through the calendar: the LG V10 launched in October 2015. As previously, we'd expect the LG V30 to have a limited release, most likely focusing on Asia and the US.

The shift in timescale is reported to give LG more time to sell devices before competitor launched, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the iPhone 8. We know the LG V30 is coming, because Google confirmed it at Google I/O, saying it would be Daydream compatible. 

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But that's not all. There's news about the forthcoming flagship replacement LG G7 too. The LG G6 was announced at MWC 2017 at the end of February, but it wasn't actually available for a while after that. 

The LG G7 is said to be in development already, focusing on launching a device with the latest hardware from Qualcomm, reported to be 7nm Snapdragon 845. The LG G6 launched early with Snapdragon 821, a platform that's not as sophisticated as the 835 that's now in a number of flagships.

Again, we could see LG launching at CES 2018 to beat the likes of Samsung to market. 

Of course, we're a long way from these dates at the moment and there's plenty that could change in the meantime. 

Writing by Chris Hall.