The LG V30 is likely still a few months away from being official, but thanks to leaked renders, we know how it might look.

The premium V30 smartphone is expected to debut this autumn, and according to notable leaker Evan Blass, the original concept for the phone featured a slide-out secondary display. Blass published a few leaked renders that show a primary screen with a second one tucked under it, but he warned that they are older mock-ups. In other words, the final version of the phone might ditch the secondary display.

The primary screen slides up to reveal a second one, which could be used for a keyboard, browsing search results, or other controls. Its predecessors, the V10 and V20, both had a secondary display at the top that presented various notification icons and information without the need to turn the main display on. We had expected the V30 to offer this too given it's a distinguishing feature of the series.

Based on previous release patterns and industry sources, the LG V30 is likely to be announced sometime in September. The LG V20 was announced on 7 September 2016, just after consumer electronics show IFA, while the LG V10 was revealed on 1 October 2015.

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