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(Pocket-lint) - Korean news outlet ET News has revealed what are allegedly the official launch dates for two of this year's most anticipated flagship smartphones. The LG G6, which will be revealed at Mobile World Congress this Sunday the 26 February will supposedly launch in LG's native South Korea on 10 March. There will be a preorder window from 2 to 9 March. ET News hasn't revealed when the LG G6 will launch in US and European markets.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 meanwhile be unveiled in New York on the 29 March finally laying to bed rumours of other possible launch dates, and will go on sale on 21 April. It means 2017 will mark the first time LG's smartphone will go on sale before Samsung's, but Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 in global and domestic markets at the same time in an attempt to improve sales.


ET News reports that Samsung is waiting to see the reaction to the G6 before determining a preorder schedule. If reception to the G6 is good for example, Samsung may choose to open up preorders for the Galaxy S8 early to try and entice customers away from LG's phone.

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From the leaked renders and images we've seen of both phones, they look similar. Both will ditch physical front-mounted buttons in favour of larger screens, while retaining slim and easy to hold form factors. Both companies could be seen as wanting to regain consumer confidence too, as the LG G5 used modules which didn't really take off.

The G6 will lose the modularity in favour of an all metal build. Samsung meanwhile has the Note 7 debacle in its recent history and so will be wanting to pull out all the stops with its new flagship to improve sales.

Writing by Max Langridge.