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(Pocket-lint) - LG has said it will implement a Quad DAC in the upcoming G6 flagship smartphone in a bid to improve the sound quality. The DAC will be made by ESS, an expert in its field, and will combine four DACs onto a single chip. LG claims this will reduce noise interference from neighbouring electronics by up to 50 per cent more than if it were to use a single DAC.

It's not the first time LG has fitted a Quad DAC to a smartphone, that accolade belongs to the V20 smartphone released in 2016, but the one fitted in the G6 will be able to control the left and right audio channels separately. This will let users fine tune the balance of sound to their liking and let them "feel the stereoscopic feeling of listening to music directly at the concert scene."

The G6's Quad DAC also promises to reduce distortion to 0.0002 per cent, so essentially nothing, and leave listeners with crystal clear sound.

The LG G5 featured interchangeable modules, one of which was a Hi-Fi quality DAC made Bang & Olufsen. While it was a good sounding module, the inconvenience of having to change it out ultimately made the G5, in our opinion, a bit of a misfire. With the G6, LG will ditch the modules and opt for a unibody design instead, whether it will be able to hold its own against competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung remains to be seen. The LG G6 will be the first flagship phone to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress on the 26 February in Barcelona.

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Writing by Max Langridge.