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(Pocket-lint) - The Wall Street Journal has cited an LG spokesman as saying the company will be "scaling back the modularity" for the G6 smartphone. LG designed modules for the G5, believing them to be an innovate design solution, but instead they turned out to be a bit of a flop.

The company has listened to feedback from customers and will instead focus on the overall design aesthetic of the G6 and its usability.

It's also been reported that LG posted a 23 percent drop in quarterly sales for its mobile division, but when asked if LG would ever consider selling off the mobile arm, Chief Technologies Skott Ahn said: "Spinning off the smartphone division is not something we would consider".

We've already heard rumours that LG would be ditching the modules for the G6 flagship, so this is yet more fuel to the fire. The G6 is expected to instead feature a unibody design with no removable battery. Interestingly, it's rumoured the G6 will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack and not go down the route of USB Type-C for charging and audio uses. We're still on the fence about this particular rumour, so will wait until its official unveiling to find out for sure.

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As for when we can expect to see the new phone, that's still anyone's guess. The most obvious date is Mobile World Congress at the end of February, but a separate LG spokesman has said the company is still considering another couple of dates, but didn't say what they were. The good news is that the phone will initially launch in North America, Europe and South Korea as well as online in China.

Writing by Max Langridge.