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(Pocket-lint) - LG did something daring with G5. It introduced modules to a smartphone, a design we weren't familiar with and ultimately, we didn't think they'd catch on, no matter how useful they may have been.

And now there's more evidence to suggest LG will in fact be scrapping the idea of interchangeable modules for the G6 smartphone.

David Ruddock, a journalist at Android Police, has recently tweeted that the G6 will not feature a removeable battery and initially thought it would sport an all-glass design, similar to what Samsung is expected to do for the Galaxy S8.

Ruddock then sent a follow up tweet to say the all-glass design was wrong, but the G6 will instead have a highly reflective metal material on the rear of the device.

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While none of this confirms there won't be modules, the fact there's no removeable battery suggests it will be a unibody design, which could make it tricky for modules to be interchanged.

It would also link in with an earlier report from Korea that LG will indeed be ditching modules for the G6.

David Ruddock also says the "headphone jack is a go", implying LG will indeed keep the sacred 3.5mm port for connecting your current headphones. Apple has already removed it on the iPhone 7 and Samsung is expected to ditch it in favour of audio via USB Type-C.

The LG G6 is expected to be announced either at Mobile World Congress in February 2017, or a day before the show officially begins at a separate launch event. For now, we have to take all rumours with a pinch of salt until we see any concrete evidence.

Writing by Max Langridge.