The LG G6 should be released sometime in 2017 and so far, all we've heard about is features that the phone won't be getting, such as a modular design, curved OLED screen and wireless charging system. Now though, there's news surrounding a feature it will come with, an all-in-one camera and iris scanner.

The rumour comes via Korean site and picked up by Slash Gear, which says the G6 will feature a compact that sensor that will combine a front-facing camera and an iris scanner. The iris scanner part of the sensor will be used to authenticate the user and unlock the phone, in a similar way to the one on the late Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but Samsung's phone used separate sensors for the iris scanner and camera.

LG plans to combine the two into one, smaller sensor to help save on space and potentially make the phone thinner. The company says the sensor could shrink in size from 0.47cm to 0.36cm. There's no word on what megapixel count the camera will come with but nevertheless it's some positive news as to what we can expect from LG's next flagship.