(Pocket-lint) - The timeline of a device leak follows a predictable path. In the case of LG, it's no secret that the V20 is coming: there have been invites to a launch event, a few early details about the sound quality and the fact it will run Android Nougat.

When it come to design though, we're often at the mercy of either leaks, or case manufacturers. Some device designers release details of their devices to accessory manufacturers so that the accessories can be designed and made, and, most likely, leaked through an online store.

It's perhaps in the accessory manufacturers interest to leak such things, as it garners attention from the wider media, exposing the brand as enthusiast fish for details on new devices. 

That brings us back to the LG V20. These cases from Petra purport to show the forthcoming V20 and the rendered device within the company's cases bear a passing resemblance to that revealed by @OnLeaks and Android Authority

It might be that they come from the same source, it could easily be that this case company has used the details revealed in that previous render to give an idea of what the phone will look like.

There are two apertures on the front of the handset.: this could be two front-facing cameras as found on the V10. There are also two cameras on the rear, and we suspect a pairing like the G5.

There's also a question over modularity on the V20. Will it follow the design of the G5 and offer connections to modular accessories? There's button on the lower right-hand side that could do that: equally, it could be dedicated camera button.

We'll know more on 6 September, when the LG V20 is due to launch at a New York event.

Writing by Chris Hall.