LG Innotek, the research arm of the company, has revealed a new super sensor that's going to enhance biometric data capture. This could be what we'll see in future smartwatches like a new LG Watch Urbane, or future smartphones.

The tiny 1mm think sensor uses 5 LEDs, a photo diode and integrated circuit to measure heart rate, stress levels and bloody oxygen saturation levels. Not only that but it does it using less power and more accurately than current sensors, claims LG Innotek.

Thanks to the use of integrated PCB tech and gold-plated insides this unit is 20 per cent more power efficient than the last effort. Not only that but its HR capture is more accurate too with a deviation of five beats per minute when in motion and just two beats per minute when stationary. If this proves to be true it could be the beginning of the end for chest worn heart rate monitors.

The new sensor is likely to find its way into a smartwatch of the future, looking to boost the skills it offers for sports and lifestyle tracking.