As part of the launch of the LG G4 a host of photos were taken by a professional photographer using the smartphone.

The G4 camera has had lots of work and the result is seriously impressive. This gallery shows photos taken by photograhper Colby Brown.

The great thing about the f/1.8 16-megapixel camera on the G4 is its ability not only to shoot in raw DNG file format but also to use fully manual controls. Letting a professional photographer loose with it has shown just how great the photos can be.

The new camera isn't just higher megapixels than the G3 it also lets in 80 per cent more light. It's mainly thanks to a larger sensor that's grown from the 1/ sensor in competition like the iPhone 6 to a 1/2.6in sensor. Plus there's another axis of stability in the optical image stabilisation. That all means low light photography is better but also high-speed action shots can be captured with less blur.

There is also a new colour spectrum analyser which has never been seen in a smartphone before. The result should be better colour recognition and capture than ever before. 

Some of these photos were taken in manual mode and some in auto. There's even a comparison in there to show the difference between a JPEG file and a raw DNG photo.

Check out the shots and let us know your thoughts. If you want to know more, read our LG G4 camera hands-on guide listed below.

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