The LG G4 smartphone is set to launch at an event tomorrow and pricing is beginning to leak.

The LG G4 will be the flagship smartphone for LG but should still manage to undercut some of the top handsets of the competition, if leaks are correct.

The leaked price of the LG G4, German retailers claim, is from €679 to €689 for the 32GB model making it cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S6. That's a starting price of around £495 for the LG G4.

The catch here is that these prices are for the base model. This does not come with the leather back seen in leaked photos.

The leather model is listed as €729 to €739 which is from around £520. That's more pricey than the Samsung Galaxy S6 but still cheaper than the Galaxy S6 edge.

This cheaper price isn't a huge shock as LG is already rumoured to be using the more affordable Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor over the Snapdragon 810. This saving will likely allow that to be passed on to the user. 

Check back tomorrow for our live coverage from the LG G4 launch event.

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