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(Pocket-lint) - LG certainly isn't saving much for the big unveil of its G4 smartphone on 29 April with video teasers being released regularly. The latest shows off some LG 4.0 UX features.

The LG 4.0 UX is the new interface that will be skinned over the top of Android 5.0 Lollipop. This should bring with it a host of LG-only features to be used on the G4.

LG released a video showing off some of those LG 4.0 UX features today. Two were for the camera, one for caller ID and one for memos.

Quick Shot is a camera feature that will allow G4 owners to take a photo by double tapping the down volume rocker on the back of the handset. The great thing about this feature is it will even work when the handset is locked.

Gesture Interval Shot uses the same gesture recognition smarts as the G3 to allow the poser to activate the camera. This works by holding up a hand and making a fist. But rather than taking one photo it will now take four, allowing you enough time between each to get new poses ready.

Ringtone ID is another new feature which allows G4 owners to create ringtones for individual people. That way the caller should be recognised by sound alone.

Quick Memo+ allows you to take chunks of webpages, minus the ads, to view later. Essentially a smart copy and paste function it seems.

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Expect to hear more about this and all the other features of the LG G4 with LG UX 4.0 announced on 29 April.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.