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(Pocket-lint) - LG's teasing the G4 harder than any device we've previously seen. The latest installment is a glowing endorsement for the camera, from professional photographer Colby Brown.

The video breaks down into three chapters, talking about low light shooting, colour precision and manual control. Each is likened to Brown's professional needs.

There are some telling details in the video: "even a small difference of a .1 aperture becomes incredibly important," says Colby, referring to the F/1.8 aperture of the LG G4.

That wide aperture should mean great shots in low light conditions, with Brown saying that happens with less noise. That was something we saw on the LG G3, so we have high hopes for the G4.

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Oh, and what has an F/1.9 aperture? The Samsung Galaxy S6.

Moving on, the next aspect is colour. Aside from the glowing endorsement, Brown says that its capable of recognising whether you're indoors or outdoors to help you get more accurate colours. If the same images in the video are to go by, it could lead to some impressive shots.

LGlg g4 camera video extolls the virtues of manual control aperture and colours image 2

Finally, we learn a lot about the LG G4's manual controls, including a glimpse at the app. We're told that you'll be able to manually control the shutter speed, ISO and white balance, and that the shutter speed can be set up to 30 seconds.

That sounds similar to the manual controls on the HTC One M9, which also gives you manual focusing. The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers all those things except manual shutter speed.

The LG G4 will be fully unveiled on 28 April, you can read up on all the details in our round-up of the LG G4 story so far.

Writing by Chris Hall.