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(Pocket-lint) - The LG G4 camera is reportedly able to capture a whopping 80 per cent more light than the G3. This isn't done purely because of that f/1.8 aperture, there's a lot more tech crammed into the new G4 camera.

According to Business Korea the LG G4 will feature a 16-megapixel camera that uses six lenses which will result in even better light sensing abilities. It’s described as a "high precision, large diameter module structure".

The camera smarts don't stop there. LG is reportedly also using a super slim 0.11mm glass blue filter to stop infrared emissions. This is something most cameras use but none with such a thin offering – in fact this is about half the thickness of the competition. The result is the camera will still stop infrared bleed but without costing on the amount of light let into the sensor.

While all these tweaks should make for an impressive low-light camera on the G4 it's still limited by that 1.12 micron pixel size. Nonetheless the G3 has a great snapper and the G4 sounds like a huge jump forward so we're expecting some pretty impressive offerings.

LG is set to unveil the G4 at an event on 28 April.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.