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(Pocket-lint) - LG has unveiled a new phone that, at a glance, could be mistaken for something from a decade ago. The Ice Cream Smart is a flip phone, but unlike the older shell-like mobiles this one is smart.

Similar to the LG Wine Smart handset released last September, the Ice Cream Smart features the Kakao Talk button. This allows people to use a physical button to access the Kakao app which connects them directly with voice chat. The app also allows you to send multimedia, like photos and type to talk, plus it works on Mac and PC.

The Ice Cream Smart does have physical buttons but also features a touchscreen so users have the option to choose. There is also an option to leave apps open in the background which works in the way that most phones do with multitasking.

LG released the Wine Smart handset back in September with a similar setup and the physical Kakao button. This was aimed at the older user with a simple interface and buttons.

The LG Ice Cream Smart will be available in what LG calls its "ever popular emotional pastel-tone colours." The specific release date has not been announced and it will likely be a Korea-only handset where it will sell for KRW300,000 which is about £185.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.