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(Pocket-lint) - In the last couple of years, LG has been making real strides as a smartphone and device manufacturer to watch. The LG G3 is a powerhouse of an Android phone that blazed a trail through the industry on its release, asking others to catch up.

However, it has had a history of aping its competitors in the past, rather than innovate. And a trademark filing spotted online suggests that habit has not quite been left behind.

Having already adopted a smart stylus for several devices, most recently the LG G3 Stylus we saw at IFA in Berlin in September, it seems the company is to further create devices that come with their own writing and drawing implement. And what is LG to call the stylus? The G Pen.

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Yes, that is remarkably similar to the S Pen Samsung includes with its Galaxy Note range of smartphones and tablets. So no real marks for originality there.

But we don't care to be honest. We'd love to see an even larger phablet or tablet with the build quality and performance levels of the LG G3. Indeed, just think of how a stylus could improve the LG G4 when it comes out next year?

LG has also filed a trademark for LG G Scrawl, which could be the software to go with it. Either way, 2015 could be a great year for the brand. As long as a law suit isn't forthcoming.

Writing by Rik Henderson.