LG has announced that its flagship smartphone the G3 will be sharing its user experience with all LG mobile devices. That means mid and low end smartphones and tablets from LG will come with its latest UX along with all its bells and whistles.

The new UX will appear on LG's range of phones and tablets released from the second half of this year.

Some of the UX camera features include a simplified snapper which shows the most used menus, Touch & Shoot for faster photography focus and snapping, and Gesture Shot for easy selfies. Another camera option includes opening and closing one's hand in front the lens to take a selfie from a distance using a three-second timer. Clean View offers a full view of the screen to assess a photo before taking it, by removing all the icons from the screen.

The Smart Keyboard found on the G3 will also be included on the UX which, LG says, reduced input errors by up to 75 per cent. It does this by learning what the user types allowing it to make predictions easier – much like SwiftKey. Suggested words appear above the keyboard and can be selected with an upward flick of the thumb.

LG has said older devices will not get the UX update.

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