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(Pocket-lint) - After revealing the LG G3 with its Quad HD display it was hard to imagine there were improvements to be made – but LG is doing it. A 6-inch display with 700ppi has been revealed.

The 700ppi screen was mentioned by the head of LG Display who said it is not only within reach but will be shown off soon. LG should reveal a higher resolution 6-inch display at SID 2014 in San Francisco. Though this is thought to be a 491ppi density 6-inch screen with higher 600ppi and 700ppi still in development.

The super high resolution screen could appear in a 6-inch LG tablet or even a phablet phone. But at that high resolution will we be able to see the jump in quality? As long as there is 4K content coming screen resolution is going to continue to climb so we might as well get used to looking for it.

It's likely that the jump in resolution won't be reflected in price massively as these screens are usually on the flagship handsets anyway which always seem to sit at around the £580 mark. But that will of course mean more battery drain. Would you want an even higher resolution screen or prefer a battery that lasts longer? We know which we'd want.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 29 May 2014.